Wonderful Flower Cakes With Just One Nozzle

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Penulis : Teng Ratna Djunaidi

Penerbit : Gramedia Pustaka Utama

Tahun Terbit :

ISBN : 9786020379753

Jumlah Halaman : Halaman

Sisa stock : 3 buku

Rp 100.000,-

Harga normal: Rp 125.000,-

Hemat: Rp 25.000,-


Piping is easy. If you are in love with flower cakes, this book is the correct choice for you. It will help you to learn to create and arrange flowers onto the cakes. The recipes are suitable for all seasons, while the nozzle fits for many kinds of flowers. Decorating flowers cakes is like having a pen and writing you own flower’s story.


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